1 week ago

Once the withdrawal of the support given to the government, we should give the ultimatum to the government. It is our aim to inform the Prime Minister if he does not amend the constitution, then we will withdraw the support given to the government.

2 weeks ago

The relationship between the two countries is still good. The relationship between the two countries is still good. It is our desire to be good later, to be stronger. Our aim is to maintain this relationship. The main objective of our organization is to maintain a strategic, cultural relationship between the two countries.

3 weeks ago

Constitution is not as rigid as the religious scriptures. It is a progressive document and we are ready to discuss on matters, which can be amended.

3 weeks ago

If the constitution has been amended, the Forum or Upendra Yadav does not get the credit but it will go for Prime Minister and the RJP

3 weeks ago

The errors in the constitution should be corrected immediately. In this constitution, all rights are not included. We fight our rights until the last time. It is our determination.

9 months ago

The alternative of SAARC is not BIMSTEC because we need both SAARC and BIMSTEC. If Pakistan's newly elected Prime Minister Imran Khan tries to take concrete initiatives to improve relations with India then the situation could improve.