Upendraji joins government just becoming minister : Allaudin Ansari

If the opinion of Upendranji and Praandandji goes to the government, the opinion is only with us. Go to Province 2 and ask the party’s position how much weak. I believe that the reason why Upendra Yadav has gone to the government without discussing other leaders inside the party also gets a loss.

Agreement with Forum opened both the amendment and the movement : Rajendra Mahato

With the consensus of constitution amendment, we do not get upset with the difficulty. That is our issue and if someone goes ahead for our issue, we would like it better. We have no concern with the participation of the government, but the worry is so that the agreement should not be used only as a go to the government. The agenda of constitution amendment has come from public sacrifice.

Province 5 will be oriented towards economic prosperity : Umakant Jha

The prosperous Nepal Sukhi Nepali as the main slogan of the federal government and also the programs of the central government, the state government and the local government. To give meaning to this slogan, the tourism has been given in State 5 if it is very important to keep it continuous.

People have high expectation from CPN : Shiv Kumar Mandal

Maoists would not only hold the people\'s democracy of 21st century and UML\'s people\'s multi-party democracy would not lead the society, world and country in the present context. Therefore, to develop both in a new way and develop in a new environment is necessary.

Nepal-India relation in pleasant way : Dr. Haribans Jha

The Prime Minister of the country, which is influenced by King Janak and Janaki, is visiting Nepal it is a matter of pride for us. This is extremely positive for Nepal and this high level visit is confident that the relations between Nepal and India will be strengthened in the coming days.

Why we need India’s support in our constitution ?

We cannot resolve our internal problem in our home but we blame others. This was mistake done by us and we must correct this. If we correct ourselves, the friend like India does not have to speak in our internal matter.

We will not participate in the govt, till the constitution is amended - Keshav Jha

The amendment which is from the government means that it is meant to go to the government. There is no need to affect the constitutional amendment by going or not in the local or state government, because the constitution is amended that the government should not go to the constitution. No amendment to the local and state government with the constitution amendment. The situation in the state is not in the center.

Good governance and development are in priority : Md. Lalbabu Raut

This state is neglected from the state, harassed, discriminated with its inhabitants. This state should be developed as a model state. All of us should move with the help of everyone so to make this state a model state, we should all move together. Developing this state is a major challenge to us.

Madheshi parties to join left government for benefits : Upendra Jha

Even Madheshi parties and UML are not clear where the constitution to be corrected or amended. It is now inevitable to amend the constitution or not. That’s why it’s just a bunch of talks. It is a matter of talk that the left alliance how to think about this Madhes or what it does, it can be seen only in the coming days.

No one can spoil Nepal-India relations - Chanda Chaudhary

Relationship between Nepal and India is not only political. No one had made the relation between Nepal and India. Nobody can spoil such relations. So no one can break this relationship. No one can weaken. There is a religious and cultural relationship between the two countries.

The Madheshi parties keen to join the power : JP Gupta ( Coordinator, Tarai-Madhesh National Campaign)

Madheshi parties have participated in elections for the sake of going to power. In Province 2, they form government and its home work has already started. There is no meaning in the state to form government and center the government. In Madhes, they are ruling party and in the center they are in opposition even though they are not far from power. Even Madheshi parties play role in anti-central politics so they should not stay far from the power.

Only Congress raises genuine issue of Madhesh : Mahendra Mishra

There were a lot of conspiracies hatched against the party during the elections. I thought that there was Congress from Dhanunsha, Mahatri and other districts of the country, left parties, Madhesi parties and all other parties was enemy of Congress. All went towards the defeat of Nepali Congress.

New government should keep balance ties with both neighbors : Dr. Hari Bansa Jha

The new provincial government to be formed in Madhes should focus in agriculture because it is back bone of Madhes. Then it should develop irrigation. There is also a possibility of tourism industry in Madhes. It also needs to pay attention. Also, industrial sectors also need to be developed. Since the state government has only a few powers, it is not possible to uphold the economy.

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