We will not participate in the govt, till the constitution is amended - Keshav Jha

The amendment which is from the government means that it is meant to go to the government. There is no need to affect the constitutional amendment by going or not in the local or state government, because the constitution is amended that the government should not go to the constitution. No amendment to the local and state government with the constitution amendment. The situation in the state is not in the center.

Good governance and development are in priority : Md. Lalbabu Raut

This state is neglected from the state, harassed, discriminated with its inhabitants. This state should be developed as a model state. All of us should move with the help of everyone so to make this state a model state, we should all move together. Developing this state is a major challenge to us.

Madheshi parties to join left government for benefits : Upendra Jha

Even Madheshi parties and UML are not clear where the constitution to be corrected or amended. It is now inevitable to amend the constitution or not. That’s why it’s just a bunch of talks. It is a matter of talk that the left alliance how to think about this Madhes or what it does, it can be seen only in the coming days.

No one can spoil Nepal-India relations - Chanda Chaudhary

Relationship between Nepal and India is not only political. No one had made the relation between Nepal and India. Nobody can spoil such relations. So no one can break this relationship. No one can weaken. There is a religious and cultural relationship between the two countries.

The Madheshi parties keen to join the power : JP Gupta ( Coordinator, Tarai-Madhesh National Campaign)

Madheshi parties have participated in elections for the sake of going to power. In Province 2, they form government and its home work has already started. There is no meaning in the state to form government and center the government. In Madhes, they are ruling party and in the center they are in opposition even though they are not far from power. Even Madheshi parties play role in anti-central politics so they should not stay far from the power.

Only Congress raises genuine issue of Madhesh : Mahendra Mishra

There were a lot of conspiracies hatched against the party during the elections. I thought that there was Congress from Dhanunsha, Mahatri and other districts of the country, left parties, Madhesi parties and all other parties was enemy of Congress. All went towards the defeat of Nepali Congress.

New government should keep balance ties with both neighbors : Dr. Hari Bansa Jha

The new provincial government to be formed in Madhes should focus in agriculture because it is back bone of Madhes. Then it should develop irrigation. There is also a possibility of tourism industry in Madhes. It also needs to pay attention. Also, industrial sectors also need to be developed. Since the state government has only a few powers, it is not possible to uphold the economy.

Leader, RJP-Nepal and candidate from Saptari constituency-1 (A)

UML is known as anti-Tharu, Madhesi, indigenous and nationalist party. When we talked about rights, all the leaders of the UML accused Tharu, Dalit, Muslim, Madhesi as separatist Bihari, Dhoti. UML is the party of Khas-Arya. The UML is a single communist party of hilly people with mountainous egoism. We are in the election against the party and the leaders who are mentally against Tharu, Madhesi, dalit Muslim.

State discriminates Madhesh for its development : Upendra Yadav

The state is major responsible for the non-development of Madhesh. If the state had invested, it would have been developed. The state never thought to develop Madhesh and thus it did not invest here. If you look at the north of Madhesh, it is another place. But Madhesh looks like hell. People are forced to live in the backwardness. By facing these challenges we are now going to move the development into speed.

Country's institutionalization is my commitment : Rameshwor Ray Yadav

My commitment is to be first institutionalizing the country due to which, there is no emotionally integrated status. It is a belief that a large group is not believing that this is our nation. Creating an atmosphere to the public is the belief that the country is ours and is working for us. This is our first priority.

List of proportional representation should be corrected : Brikesh Chandra Lal

I am not satisfied with this and also not dissatisfied. Because I was not involved for select the name of candidates. Presidium members took the decision and it should be corrected if necessary. The top leaders thought very serious while recommending the names. Even if I have also some dissatisfaction, I should have to consider it clearly with the presidium members.

Those who fought for true Madhesh, would not leave RJP-Nepal : Manish Mishra

This agreement is definitely encouraging. This agreement has shown good moments. Not this time but the RJP-Nepal and Federal Forum should have gone for the local level election held in Province 2 in the third phase. If that was happened, in that situation, we have the highest number of seats in the local level election. However, this agreement will give a pleasant moment and we are excited even it was reached at the last moment.

No Madheshi leaders honest for Madhesh issues :Abhishek Pratap Shah

Madheshi leaders have also made an agreement with CPN Maoist Center and UML, not only with Congress. It seems that no Madheshi leaders honest for Madhesh issues. Madheshi issues have fallen at risk due to these Madheshi leaders. Let’s see the history of the past 20 years.

UML already swept away from Madhesh - Manish Suman

In the context of the current local elections, the situation of Nepali Congress in Madhes has come to an end. Similarly CPN Maoist Center is also in same situation. UML has already swept away from Madhesh. The position of RJP-Nepal as third is not very bad as the party participated in the election within four months just after its unification.

Local polls another form of Madhesh movement : Sukeshwor Pathak

The RJP-Nepal’s decision to take part in the election without the constitution amendment cannot be taken as a positive. The huge Madhesh movement was held on the appeal of Madhesi parties. General Madheshi people supported the movement. So they would not have to go to the polls. RJP-Nepal already boycotted the two phases of elections. Politically it was correct.

Election strengthens the future movements of Madhesh : Rambharos Kapdi

I clearly say that going to the polls is the only thing in itself. The problem is solved by election. If you go to the election, you will be afraid to lose your village from municipalities and territories. My idea is that the Madhes parties should come to the polls to strengthen the future movements.

Contest with election symbol of CPN United : Arvinda Sah

It was not possible for us to go to the election solely without the election symbol. How could we contest the election as we have no election symbol? Our party has bases in all 75 districts but we have no election symbol. The symbol is necessary for the election as it is also identity of any political party. In the meantime, we held talk with CPN United and they also agreed to contest the election jointly.

Statute revision agenda for polls : Jangilal Yadav

The government did not work until the second-phase election that addresses our demands. Like martyrs were not fully announced, the cases were not released. Now these are happened. But the rejection of constitution amendment by the parliament is unfortunate. That’s why we have to go to the election by taking it an issue.

Nepal-India should take long-term solution of flood : Ajay Gupta

we should talk about this matter seriously with the Government of India. Rain water has affected both countries including Nepal and India. That is why it is a matter of concern for both countries. So, both of them should take a serious for a long-term solution.

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