Boycotting polls party's official line : Rakesh Mishra Leader, RJP-Nepal

The RJP-Nepal is another name of struggle. We have not tired with the agitation. The party is still in movement. The shape and form of agitation has been changed now. In the rainy season it is difficult to continue the movement. So some felt that Madhes movement has not ended which is wrong interpretation.

Theater is not unproductive field : Bijay Bisfot, Senior Artist

Most of artists have not yet adopted the theater as profession. So in Nepal, the drama ahs not established as profession. In the society the artists are respected but by the state, they do not get anything. Even, the state has not provided a well equipped theater center. Still, an environment has not created to earn money through this profession.

No serious problems between Nepal and India : Raj Kumar Sindhi

There is no sourness between the people of two countries but problems were seen only at the governmental levels. It was due to lack of coordination by the government. In Nepal, there are problems at diplomatic level. So we played a role of bridge when there are misunderstandings. Therefore, we want response from Nepal government.

State is trying to push Madhesh issues back : Dr. Bhogendra Jha

RJP-N was pushed back from the election intentionally. If the issues raised by the RJP-N was not relevant, why the govenrment extended the election date time and again? What was the reason to register the constitution amendment bill? It means, the state is trying to push back the Madhesh issues.

RJP-N was agreed for deferral of election in III phase : Md. Mokhtar Ahamad

The election date for third phase was extended for September 18 with an aim for getting more time to complete some technical works. The government is making a plan to form a commission and increase the number of local units in Madhesh. Certainly, the number will be increased before September 18, the date of III phase election that will pave a way for RJP-N to take part in the election. If possible, the government also to amend the constitution before the third phase election.

Ex Chief Secretary Nepal- India Friendship Association

Nepal is a multilingual and multicultural country. However, assuming that the Party and the people’s interests and the political systems of work for individuals. Therefore, the relationship between Nepal and India, not politics, prosperity and development will begin to discern for nothing. India look to different spectacles of our leaders. This is wrong. It has created employment for the country’s progress towards greater economic prosperity.

No study on actual mentality of Madhesh : Shreekrishna Anirudhha Gautam

I would not have the first amendment. It is my personal thinking. However, the amendment of the constitution is the entire thicket. Elections are not possible without modification. Coalition government made different thing. However, the election of the coalition to make different things. They saw their self-fulfillment alliance. Together, we can push back the election went to the Congress and the Maoist CPN-UML was understanding.

People’s feelings, desires, and demands the most important

People’s feelings, desires, and demands are the most important thing. The Madhesi people speak of unity that unity must come from madhesh centric parties. For the same purpose and objective of the alliance, said the parties are able to cause the conflict to fully guard the front one party, seven-digit flag, keep the same flag and keep the same name and come off with a choice that is made possible by the people’s mandate came. We struggle and the election of the road one Madhesi parties want to vote, a vote is being finalist. In the past, we did not vote for the NC-UML-Maoist So it is wrong format Item constitution is made.

We have not left Madhesh’s issues : Shivaji Yadav, Vice President Federal Socialist Forum Nepal

ow a different kind of political situation is becoming. Now the main opposition on Baisakh 21 what role does it have to rely on. They can also pressed the bell. So on that day, we will not be making a political agreement before the goal. We have said the impeachment proposal we are giving back to take the pressure. All of these things will soon address. We believe that the amendment is before Baisakh 31.

Constitution must be complete and agreed upon before going into elections : Sharat Singh Bhandari, Chairman Committee, the National People Party, Nepal

We were saying that they were to become the basis of population of local bodies. Local bodies is a representative institution. Stating that only 36 percent of 52 percent of the population is made of local bodies. And, 48 percent of the population in the hills and mountains made 64 per cent local level. So the local level in order to make the population supposedly is our demand.

Nepal-India relation will be stronger : Prof Dr. Lok Raj Baral ( Former Ambassador)

A little matter of diplomatic relations between ambassadors and public. He Bihar and becoming the absence of diplomatic ties between Nepal and India, it does not affect. Earlier, Bihar and UP were many ambassadors. Of course, the ambassador of Bihar and Nepal are becoming the person. However, it is merely a coincidence. Like, Shiv Shankar Mukherjee, Shyam Saran, Ranjit Rae, were from this area. It is merely a coincidence. The only person who knew about the province of Nepal’s ambassador made.

Madhesh Betrayed in Local Level Demarcation : Sunil Ranjan Singh, Former Member (The Local Bodies Restructuring Commission)

Various demands were made by madhesh centric parties. So many times I have said to the leaders of various political parties that the commission cannot work there until and unless their demands are met. But they said to keep working and adjust. Except for a few exceptions, in other places in districts of Nepal reached consensus was working. However, this work could not be the case in State no. 2 .

No one wants any genocide : Bijay Mahaseth, Political Analyst

Arbitrariness of the kingdom, dishonesty and conning nature of government are to blame. Recently, the Prime Minister has shown Madhesi Front Lollipop again. The PM is ready to amend the constitution on all issues except demarcation. Actually, there should be no bargaining at all, but the PM is just trying to trick the Morcha using his cleverness. The little issues are discussed and the main issues are shunted to a side. The main issue is demarcation. Other issues are just those lolipops for enticing purposes.

Election should be Only After Amendment : Mani Thapa, Leader, CPN Maoist

An amendment to the Constitution is clear what the government and the CPN-Maoist Center wants. Only after the amendment, the election date should be announced. However, it is also the Nepali Congress, the largest party in the government of Nepal. I think, some of the Nepali Congress and the CPN-Maoist central and coordination not working.

Government is responsible for misuse of budget in Madhesh : Satyanarayan Mandal, Spokesperson, Tarai Madhesh Sadabhawana Party

Pahadi Media propagated that budget was allocated for Madhesh. But reality is that no budget was allocated for Madhesh above the average. It was said that 10 billion rupees allocated for the Fast Track. There is a point in Fast Track that links link road of Fast track. For that road construction it was allocated budget. Ruling class only made fool by declaring such propaganda.

Finally UML supports the amendment proposal : Sarvendranath Sukla, Vice president Tarai Madhesh Democratic Party

UML has accepted federalism by force not by principle. We know this. But now they accept federalism they will follow the norms of federalism. We have been terming this proposal a positive but not sufficient. To make it sufficient some things should be added. We will produce some revision on it. If the discussion of parliament accepts the revision, that will passed. Rest should be our political agenda and stand for future. This proposal is for the interest of Madhesh. We should support it. We are active to seek support of UML for the proposal.

UML is fuelling conflicts of Nepal : Jitendra Singh, Leader, Tarai Madhesh Democratic Party

UML is being rigid not solve the crisis of Nepal. When to promulgate constitution all UML, Maoist and Congress were standing on the same line. They refused to listen to the voice of Madhesh when Madheshis were agitating on the road. They were saying that demands of Madheshis were not justified. But now Maoist and Congress have come to say that demands of Madheshis are justified and constitution is incomplete and amendable and way of solving conflicts is to amend in constitution. But UML is rigid not to amend constitution.

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