What Nepal expects from China (Editorial)

Oli came to power riding on a wave of nationalist sentiments and promising to diversify Nepal’s trade and transit options. Therefore, the national interest of Nepal would be best served if Oli kept his promise and expedited trade, transit and connectivity with China. Oli’s image in Nepal will suffer if he decides to abandon the goals he set earlier.

Observatory of Upendra (Editorial)

Constitutional amendment require two-thirds majority and for this, the leaders of those parties who want to go to the government. They have not only sought the constitution to amend the Constitution.

100 days of government (Editorial)

The Oli administration has sought to balance ties with the neighbours. The visits of Nepali and Indian prime ministers have enabled the two countries to bring the strained ties back on track.

People’s expectation from unification (Editorial)

Many fear the unification may not last long enough for the nation to get a facelift, so the country will once again slide into uncertainty. That cannot be ruled out totally, but the probability of the CPN splitting in the near future sounds a bit implausible.

Modi's visit and Nepal-India Ties (Editorial)

It is true Nepal-India ties are driven more by the ‘love links’ than politics and diplomacy. But geopolitical and economic interests often come in the way to spoil the sacred bonhomie that existed between them even before the modern notion of state came into existence.

RJP needs new vision for survival (Editorial)

RJPN does not appear to have managed to reconcile the differences within the party and establish a strong organizational structure. Decision-making was concentrated in the hands of a small group of presidium members.

Deadlock in unification (Editorial)

Growing public aspirations to see socio-economic transformation in the country under the leadership of the present government for a full term might face hindrances along the way if the process derails.

Cheerful ties of Nepal and India (Editorial)

Our PM has done his best to convince the Indian investors to participate in Nepal’s economic development, which also forms an important basis to further cement the bilateral relations between the two nations.

No pre-alertness avoiding fire? (Editorial)

fficials claim that the issue should be handled by adopting a long-term approach instead of solely focusing on short-term relief plans. Until and unless a very well studied and serious long-term strategy is prepared and implement to save the people from fire such tragedies won’t stop from happening.

Full stop for journey to power (Editorial)

Although the party has sought clarity from the ruling CPN Maoist Center and UML on the amendment and this is positive about the matter.The RJP-Nepal also wants agreement in principal with the ruling party to amend the constitution as agreement sought by the Federal Socialist Forum.

Oli to go Madhesh (Editorial)

To show that UML is not a party standing against Madhesh, even once Prime Minister and UML Chairperson must visit eight districts of Madhesh and Madhesi people should remove the negative feeling of UML. It is in favor of UML’s interests than Madhesh.

Abbasi’s unexpected Visit (Editorial)

The problem with the Indian media is that they also see Nepal with colonial mindset as that of Indian establishment. They hardly think that Nepal is an independent nation that never came under the rule of any colonial powers.

EPG meetings and Nepal-India relations (Editorial)

Nepal and India are long-time close friends. They not only share their long international border but also share their social and cultural affinity from time immemorial. Despite being the closest neighbours, the Nepal-Indian treaties and pacts have given a hint that India has always enjoyed upper hand over its small neighbour through these unequal treaties.

Happy Holi ! (Editorial)

Holi is celebrated as the significance of a victory over evil by good. It also signifies the end of the winter and arrival of spring.

Message of first provincial assembly meeting (Editorial)

Province 2 has adequate potential for agriculture, tourism, education and industry. Now the federalism in the country should be planned by the provincial assembly to plan the development of the state. If the soil is well-planned, this state is healthy.

Susma’s visit and next door for Nepal (Editorial)

A constitutional amendment that is acceptable to the parties and gives the Madhesi population a greater sense of belonging towards the Nepali nation can only be in the long-term interest of the entire country.

A roadmap for prosperity in Province 2 (Editorial)

such as reflective intelligence, institutions, strategies, resource and political will of leaders for complex performances. This provides a chance for them to gain inner experience of life and acquire material prosperity to the fullest extent possible.

Tragedy of Madhesh (Editorial)

This bizarre announcement met strong opposition from different quarters. Now, one can question their ‘dirty politics’ as they show a height of apathy towards the Madheshi people, who are dying of cold-induced diseases. Instead of making illegal promises to the innocent guys, they should have launched a relief operation to save the needy people left out in the cold.

What’s new agenda for new government? (Editorial)

The new government is expected to set a healthy precedent by giving preference on recruitment and appointment to independent professionals and persons of integrity in public and constitutionally created bodies and institutions.

2017: A year of elections (Editorial)

For their part, the Madheshi parties have concluded that their electoral future can only be assured by keeping the federalism pot at boiling point. It is in their interest to stoke Madheshi animosity against Pahades .

Test for Madheshi party (Editorial)

This is a golden opportunity for Madhesi parties of carrying the historic mission. It will be litmus test for the resurgent them to prove its mettle. It must not fritter away the golden opportunity by indulging in intra-party conflict.

Grand success of elections (Editorial)

The elections were held by December 7 this to meet the constitutional deadline. Had the election not been held in time, the constitution would have failed, drawing a lot of flak to the government and the political parties.

Agenda for next government (Editorial)

e can only hope that the new government after the election will show the much needed discipline, maturity and honesty to start our long road to prosperity. 

RJP-Nepal’s election manifesto (Editorial)

The decision had triggered condemnations from various sectors. In yet another controversial pledge, it has announced to offer a golden mangalsutra (a necklace worn by a Hindu woman to show that she is married) weighing half a tola to girls completing higher secondary education and those who have reached marriageable age.

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