Tragedy of Madhesh (Editorial)

This bizarre announcement met strong opposition from different quarters. Now, one can question their ‘dirty politics’ as they show a height of apathy towards the Madheshi people, who are dying of cold-induced diseases. Instead of making illegal promises to the innocent guys, they should have launched a relief operation to save the needy people left out in the cold.

What’s new agenda for new government? (Editorial)

The new government is expected to set a healthy precedent by giving preference on recruitment and appointment to independent professionals and persons of integrity in public and constitutionally created bodies and institutions.

2017: A year of elections (Editorial)

For their part, the Madheshi parties have concluded that their electoral future can only be assured by keeping the federalism pot at boiling point. It is in their interest to stoke Madheshi animosity against Pahades .

Test for Madheshi party (Editorial)

This is a golden opportunity for Madhesi parties of carrying the historic mission. It will be litmus test for the resurgent them to prove its mettle. It must not fritter away the golden opportunity by indulging in intra-party conflict.

Grand success of elections (Editorial)

The elections were held by December 7 this to meet the constitutional deadline. Had the election not been held in time, the constitution would have failed, drawing a lot of flak to the government and the political parties.

Agenda for next government (Editorial)

e can only hope that the new government after the election will show the much needed discipline, maturity and honesty to start our long road to prosperity. 

RJP-Nepal’s election manifesto (Editorial)

The decision had triggered condemnations from various sectors. In yet another controversial pledge, it has announced to offer a golden mangalsutra (a necklace worn by a Hindu woman to show that she is married) weighing half a tola to girls completing higher secondary education and those who have reached marriageable age.

Sweet promises (Editorial)

However, sometime the candidates overstep the mark to woo the voters. It becomes difficult to discern whether they are selling dreams to the voters or violating the election code of conduct. Sometime ago, the Election Commission banned the distribution of budget from the Constituency Development Fund, thinking this would violate the poll code.

Political Chameleons (Editorial)

The chameleons shift their allegiance for the sake of post and power in a jiffy. The neophytes hijack the position of devoted leaders, who have spent their entire career and energy for their parties. This creates very odd situation.

Elect the right candidate (Editorial)

The general trend among public so far has been to stick to ideologies- communists or democrats, in many cases without knowing much what underlie deep in such political doctrines.

The politics on ballot papers (Editorial)

Nepal is currently passing through a critical political juncture; the local level elections as provisioned in the federal republican constitution have been successfully concluded in all parts of the country and the countrymen are now eagerly waiting for provincial and federal elections slated for November 26 and December 7.

Left alliance on a bumpy road ! (Editorial)

Within 10 days of its formation, the grand left alliance has suffered a crack. This is not owing to the ideological factor but from disagreement over the distribution of electoral seats for the upcoming federal election.

Maoist Centre is trying to sail on two boats (Editorial)

The three political parties—the CPN-UML, CPN-Maoist Centre and Naya Shakti Party-Nepal — announced that they would be forging an electoral alliance for the upcoming federal and provincial elections and ultimately opt for party unification after the elections.

The third round of polls (Editorial)

The third and final phase of local elections was completed on September 18 in Province 2. Elections were held in a remarkably uneventful manner. Incidents of violence and disruption were even fewer than during the first two phases, and there was not even a single fatality.

Changing discourse of Madhes politics (Editorial)

There was a time when Nepali politics revolved around Nepali Congress president Girija Prasad Koirala. The NC ruled the country most of the time following the restoration of multiparty democracy in 1990.

Litmus test For Madhesi parties (Editorial)

Contrary to the ubiquitous misperceptions, the people and political parties demonstrated their great enthusiasm for the local level polls in Province No 2 slated for September 18.

Elections at door (Editorial )

Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has emphasised the smooth implementation of the constitution in reference to the need of completing the important task of holding the local level, provincial and federal elections.

RJP-N’s positive decision (Editorial)

Rastriya Janata Party-Nepal, formed with the merger of six Madheshi political parties that had been protesting against some provisions in the new constitution of the country right since its promulgation, has finally decided to take part in the l

The Flood in Madhesh (Editorial)

Floods and landslides will only get worse in Nepal in coming decades that much is sure. Preventing them requires understanding nature’s ways, and letting rivers flow free again.

RJP-Nepal’s welcome move (Editorial)

The long-running stalemate has persisted because the major actors clash over the vision of building Nepal anew. Their conflicting postures and interpretations of the problems of and solution to the structural problems of Nepali society have constantly put them at loggerheads. Failure to adopt democratic methods to sort out their substantive differences led to the occasional hiccups.

Key problems of Madhesh (Editorial)

Discrimination, lack of proportional representation, discrimination within Madhesh, lack of land reform, lack of infrastructure, jobs, healthcare, education and identity crisis are some major problems of Madhesh .

Save the Madhesh (Editorial)

Right now the Madheshi leaders are busy giving speeches about identity. Meanwhile in the cities and villages of the Madhesh there is a rising dissatisfaction with both the Kathmandu centric system and Madhesh parties. Neither the leading party nor the Madheshi parties have done anything substantial since the elections to improve Madhesh situation. The social relations are now strained not just between Madheshi and Pahadi but also among the Madheshi themselves.

RJP-N Fallen between two stools (Editorial)

On April 20, sixMadhesh-based parties that had formed an alliance under the Samyukta LoktantrikMadheshi Morcha decided to come under one umbrella to form a unified force—Rastriya Janata Party-Nepal (RJP-N).

RJP in existential crisis (Editorial)

The ever rigid stance of the Rastriya Janata Party Nepal (RJP-N) against participation in the second phase of the local election despite assiduous efforts of the mainstream political forces to bring it on board indicates that this party is sliding towards the edge of a cliff. Anyone who is following the process of decline of this party will be shocked to see the depth of its judgemental deficiency in facing the challenges that lie ahead.

Madhesh at Crossroads (Editorial)

Monarchy in Nepal has repressed the Madeshi, a large indigenous population in the plains for ages. The deliberate process of isolating them psychologically and politically began with the myth of misquoted unification by Prthivi Narayan Shah.

Lessons of second phase polls (Editorial)

The call for boycott by the disgruntled parties had no impact in the election. Learning lesson from the two phases of elections the agitating parties must not miss the third phase of local polls.

Local polls in third phase still doubtful? (Editorial)

Even the leaders of the two main ruling parties are expressing conflicting views about the local elections. While CPN Maoist Center Chairperson and former Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has been trying to bring the RJP-N on board the elections, Prime Minister and NC President She Bahadur Deuba has claimed that the third round elections should be held ...

RJP-N to follow the democratic path (Editorial)

The new government under the leadership of Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has made two major amendments in order to create a conducive environment for the Rastriya Janata Party-Nepal to take part the in the second phase of the local election.

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