Non-amendment of constitution is major problem : Pashupati Dayal Mishra

Leader, Independent Political Group

When are you entering the NCP?
Talk with NCP is underway. The dialogue is going on between us that we should solve the problem of Madhesh jointly. We are seeking a clear position from the NCP that either they are in favor of Madhesh. Madhesh has not yet been able to believe the NCP. There are so many issues like citizenship, theory of proportional inclusive thus we need positive commitment on these issues from them. The initiatives should be taken by the government regarding Madhesh issues.
Madhesi people should have felt that the works are in their favor. Proportional inclusive has not been implemented effectively as it was envisioned in the constitution. The value of the grain production should be determined of farmers.
So we are in discussions with the government to solve various problems of Madhesh. When all these issues are arranged, then it comes to join the NCP.

Is it comfortable your group to enter into NCP if the tasks related to ministerial level should be done?
Constitutionally, we have several commissions like Madheshi, Indigenous, Muslim others but efforts have not started to form these commissions. The things related the production of farmers and Inclusive proportional should be addressed. All these things have come into the constitution, now the government will have to move ahead. If the government progresses in these tasks, then we become a part of CPN. But till, we would work as a member of Independent Political Group.


In the past, you had accused then UML for anti-Madhesh, but how did Independent Political Group decide to contest in the elections by forming alliance with UML for elections?
Agendas of Madhesh cannot be solved without making it as common and unified. We move forward only by movement and protest. But now this is not a good path and we have to convince them.
Before the elections, we also discussed with Nepali Congress. But while we did not see Congress was serious on the issue of Madhesh, we initiated to discuss about the issue of Madhes’s problem with the UML. Even it may take a time but I believe that the government to resolve problems of Madhesh soon. We had contested the elections with UML mark to make agenda of Madhesh as a common agenda.


Should the agenda of constitution amendment is uncertain?
We are still in favor of the amendment of the constitution. The Federal Socialist Forum participated in the government and the government agreed with it to amend the constitution. Thus, the amendment of constitution is common goal of our. Madhesh is also in Nepal. Therefore, if the government able to move forward with an aspiration of the people, there must be the prosperity and development and the government should also success. Therefore, this fovernment should move ahead by solving all the problems of Madhesh with amendment in the constitution by taking Madheshi parties into confident.

The Prime Minister is saying that the constitution amendment will be amended based on necessity and justification so how constitution can be revised?
The major problem of Madhesh is non-amendment of the constitution. It is concern of Madheshi people. Most of the issues of Madhesh should be resolved only by amending the constitution. Without the amendment of the constitution, the country could not move forward. The circumstances would not favorable by keeping the problems. We found that our Prime Minister’s attitude is different now. He felt that it is difficult if they could not take Madhesh together.


Do you now leave Madheshism and join the politics of communist?
It is not necessary to separate Madheshism and Communist. It is not necessary to say they are communist and they are democrat without resolving the issue of Madhesh. The agenda of every party is to establish the rights of the people and enrich the country and also gives happiness. Our issue is that the issue of Madhes should be solved by all political parties.


Once you to enter into NCP, do you call as Madheshbadi?
It is not necessary to call us Madheshibadi but we wanted to initiate to resolve issues of Madhesh. Talking about only Madheshism is not everything. They should be implemented and to be reached to the appropriate point of solution. It is wise to resolve the problem rather than picking up them.


What were the reasons to quit the RJP-Nepal?
The leaders of RJP-Nepal are not clear view. RJP-Nepal was not participated in the local election in Province 5. But the party quitted the movement in middle and participated in the election only in Province 2. Most of the leaders of RJP-Nepal are from Province 2 and they only focused the politics in their province. In that time, we raised such issue and also told to focus the party in other provinces also but they were not serious. The leaders were not wanted to concentrate the party in Province 5. After that dispute and disagreement were raised and we quitted the party.

Published Date : 27 August, 2018 Monday.

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