Birgunj Mayor Sarawagi quits party

Birgunj, 14 September : Claiming his party exerted undue pressure on the local government, the Mayor of Birgunj Metropolitan City in Parsa district, Bijaya Sarawagi, has announced his resignation from the Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal.

Sarawagi, who is known as a trader more than a politician, says he quit the party after the party tried to interfere with the City’s activities.

He has sent the resignation message to the party leadership via WhatsApp, and is going to meet the top leaders in person soon, according to sources.

The Mayor’s decision follows the decision of party’s Birgunj Municipal Committee to submit a five-point memorandum to the Mayor drawing his attention to carry out the local government’s activities as per sentiments of the Madhesh movement.

Party leaders in the city say the Mayor denied implementing their recommendations about staff appointment and ‘the party’s participation’ in infrastructural development works.

Sarawagi, however, says he cannot work under pressure. “Though I was elected as a member of the party, I have to be responsible for all citizens of the city. I have to give them justice.”

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