Justice for Ram Manohar Yadav (Editorial)

An attention must be drawn towards the death of a man who was arrested on the charge of rebellion against the state in Bardiya, on August 23. 30-year-old Ram Manohar Yadav died while receiving treatment, in police custody. He was arrested for waving a black flag in a programme attended by Minister for Health and Population Upendra Yadav. There is the need to conduct a fair investigation into the death of Yadav, to take action against the guilty, and to provide compensation. The government to be sensitive in retaining human rights by arranging effective treatment for those who fall ill, physically or mentally, in police custody.

Actually, Yadav died due to the carelessness of police and delay in treatment. A patient of high blood pressure, Yadav died as he was taken to hospital late.
The government form judicial and parliamentary investigation committees to investigate the custodial death of Yadav because there is concern about Yadav’s death. Yadav’s death in police custody was indicative of serious negligence on the part of the government, and therefore, the incident should be probed by a judicial committee and guilty police officers punished.

By arresting someone the government authorities take responsibility to save the detainee’s life, but here a detainee was killed in custody. A judicial body, and not a relevant department, should investigate the death. The compensation for the victim’s family also should be given.

It was blatant violation of democratic principles to detain somebody just for waving black flag at a minister. The police were part of the government and the government was thus responsible for Yadav’s death.

Whether Nepalis were living in a democracy or an autocratic system? “How can a government with two-third majority arrest someone for waving a black flag at a minister and put him in custody?
These are worrying signs. While police have botched the investigation, the government has maintained an extremely blasé attitude about such a heinous crime. The police were trying to cover up the incident.
Law enforcement agency is an extension of the state, and when it fails in its duty, it is the failure of the state. KP Oli leads the most powerful government now, but what purpose it will serve when it cannot ensure justice to Yadav. If a government cannot protect its citizens and ensure justice to them, it loses its legitimacy to govern.

PM Oli may claim that his government is backed by a two-thirds majority in Parliament, but lest he forget, legitimacy comes not from the numbers but from its accountability towards its people and actions to protect its citizens, guarantee their safety and security and deliver justice to them. It’s a shame that heinous crimes like rape are getting lost in the din of Oli’s grandiose promises of prosperity, rail and ship. Oli must get out of his coterie of an obsequious group of people and face the reality. It’s high time Oli himself took the lead and bring all the agencies together to ensure justice to Yadav.


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