Forum divided what to do on Constitution Day

Kathmandu, 18 September : As the nation braces to mark the upcoming Constitution Day, differences have surfaced in the Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal in its central and provincial committees in Province 2 on whether to commemorate the day on Wednesday.

Leaders of party expressed contrasting opinions on whether the party will celebrate the Constitution Day or it will mark it as a black day in protest of the charter.

On Sunday, the party’s Province 2 Chairperson Renu Yadav issued a statement calling all leaders of the party holding leadership positions at local and provincial governments to boycott the Constitution Day celebration citing it will be a black day as the constitution has restricted Madheshi people’s rights.

Citing the non-implementation of pledges while taking the party on board the government, the press release signed by the party’s Madhes Province Working Committee Chairperson and the party’s central Vice-chairperson Renu Kumar Yadav, had called its supporters to observe 15 minutes blackout at 7:00pm that day, sport black bands and hoist black flags in public places.

However, the party’s Deputy General Secretary and Central Office Chief Prakash Adhikari issued a statement from the central office, informing the party has not made any decision in this regard.

In the statement, Adhikari has said the party has made an understanding with parties in the government to correct mistakes in the constitution gradually.

“There’s no denying that we have reservations about the constitution, but it’s worth mentioning that there has been clear agreement among coalition partners to protect the gains so far achieved through the statute and ensure more rights through its amendment,” read the statement signed by the party central Deputy General Secretary and central office Chief Prakash Adhikari.


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