Central government has still unitary mindset : Nawal Kishor Shah

In Province 2, we have made the government with Federal Socialist Forum. So the decision will be taken with the coordination with Forum too. We supported the Oli leadership of the current majority government with a belief that the government should revise the constitution but we have not participated. Hence, RJP has followed the policy of watch and waiting.

People understand fake nationalism of communist : Dr. Narayan Khadka

Even saying party\'s weakness, there was ups and down in the elections and that is also natural. In fact, Congress is not weak but we are less number in the federal parliament. Congress should play an important role in the parliament to institutionalize achievements in the country.

Constitution will be revised by Oct : Rajendra Shrestha

In Madhesh, we talked about two states. Its justification is known. After the recognition of federalism with identity, Madheshi has been formed in Madhesh Pradesh and Tharu areas. This is the agenda of our demolition now.

'Nepal-China relations extraordinary and unprecedented' : KP Sharma Oli

In practice, I made a trip to India, which was followed by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi\'s visit to Nepal. Then bilateral projects are showing good results. Similarly, achievements of this visit will be seen gradually. Developing railways is not like using a magic stick. The process has begun for it.

Upendraji joins government just becoming minister : Allaudin Ansari

If the opinion of Upendranji and Praandandji goes to the government, the opinion is only with us. Go to Province 2 and ask the party’s position how much weak. I believe that the reason why Upendra Yadav has gone to the government without discussing other leaders inside the party also gets a loss.

Agreement with Forum opened both the amendment and the movement : Rajendra Mahato

With the consensus of constitution amendment, we do not get upset with the difficulty. That is our issue and if someone goes ahead for our issue, we would like it better. We have no concern with the participation of the government, but the worry is so that the agreement should not be used only as a go to the government. The agenda of constitution amendment has come from public sacrifice.

Province 5 will be oriented towards economic prosperity : Umakant Jha

The prosperous Nepal Sukhi Nepali as the main slogan of the federal government and also the programs of the central government, the state government and the local government. To give meaning to this slogan, the tourism has been given in State 5 if it is very important to keep it continuous.

People have high expectation from CPN : Shiv Kumar Mandal

Maoists would not only hold the people\'s democracy of 21st century and UML\'s people\'s multi-party democracy would not lead the society, world and country in the present context. Therefore, to develop both in a new way and develop in a new environment is necessary.

Nepal-India relation in pleasant way : Dr. Haribans Jha

The Prime Minister of the country, which is influenced by King Janak and Janaki, is visiting Nepal it is a matter of pride for us. This is extremely positive for Nepal and this high level visit is confident that the relations between Nepal and India will be strengthened in the coming days.

Why we need India’s support in our constitution ?

We cannot resolve our internal problem in our home but we blame others. This was mistake done by us and we must correct this. If we correct ourselves, the friend like India does not have to speak in our internal matter.

We will not participate in the govt, till the constitution is amended - Keshav Jha

The amendment which is from the government means that it is meant to go to the government. There is no need to affect the constitutional amendment by going or not in the local or state government, because the constitution is amended that the government should not go to the constitution. No amendment to the local and state government with the constitution amendment. The situation in the state is not in the center.

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