Justice for Ram Manohar Yadav (Editorial)

It was blatant violation of democratic principles to detain somebody just for waving black flag at a minister. The police were part of the government and the government was thus responsible for Yadav’s death.

Independence Day of India (Editorial)

Both Modi and KP Oli have realised that the time has come to repair the relationship. In keeping with tradition, Oli made India his first foreign destination in April 2018 and Modi reciprocated with a quick return visit.

Good governance for the prosperous state (Editorial)

The implementation of the federal government system has begun. Governments of the local, state and federal have been formed. But local level work operations have seen initial symptoms of dysfunctional, unstable and unhealthy.

Congress and its role (Editorial)

The sad thing about the NC is that the party is still a divided house, though it appears to have played the role of an opposition in the parliament and the outside of it effectively.

Govt’s objectives and achievements (Editorial)

The present elected government is in the most advantageous position to fulfill the aspiration of the people and to lead the country onto the path of prosperity. It has the necessary mandate of the people. It is privileged to have a visionary leader like KP Oli to lead the country to modernization.

The threat of monsoon (Editorial)

During the monsoon time, the Madhesh is gripped by its disastrous impacts in the forms of floods, inundation, landslips and many other forms of disasters.

Madheshi women in politics (Editorial)

There is still room to work for ensuring Madhesi women’s equal participation at all levels of state mechanisms. The realisation is there but the need is to materialise the action plan.

What Nepal expects from China (Editorial)

Oli came to power riding on a wave of nationalist sentiments and promising to diversify Nepal’s trade and transit options. Therefore, the national interest of Nepal would be best served if Oli kept his promise and expedited trade, transit and connectivity with China. Oli’s image in Nepal will suffer if he decides to abandon the goals he set earlier.

Observatory of Upendra (Editorial)

Constitutional amendment require two-thirds majority and for this, the leaders of those parties who want to go to the government. They have not only sought the constitution to amend the Constitution.

100 days of government (Editorial)

The Oli administration has sought to balance ties with the neighbours. The visits of Nepali and Indian prime ministers have enabled the two countries to bring the strained ties back on track.

People’s expectation from unification (Editorial)

Many fear the unification may not last long enough for the nation to get a facelift, so the country will once again slide into uncertainty. That cannot be ruled out totally, but the probability of the CPN splitting in the near future sounds a bit implausible.

Modi's visit and Nepal-India Ties (Editorial)

It is true Nepal-India ties are driven more by the ‘love links’ than politics and diplomacy. But geopolitical and economic interests often come in the way to spoil the sacred bonhomie that existed between them even before the modern notion of state came into existence.

RJP needs new vision for survival (Editorial)

RJPN does not appear to have managed to reconcile the differences within the party and establish a strong organizational structure. Decision-making was concentrated in the hands of a small group of presidium members.

Deadlock in unification (Editorial)

Growing public aspirations to see socio-economic transformation in the country under the leadership of the present government for a full term might face hindrances along the way if the process derails.

Cheerful ties of Nepal and India (Editorial)

Our PM has done his best to convince the Indian investors to participate in Nepal’s economic development, which also forms an important basis to further cement the bilateral relations between the two nations.

No pre-alertness avoiding fire? (Editorial)

fficials claim that the issue should be handled by adopting a long-term approach instead of solely focusing on short-term relief plans. Until and unless a very well studied and serious long-term strategy is prepared and implement to save the people from fire such tragedies won’t stop from happening.

Full stop for journey to power (Editorial)

Although the party has sought clarity from the ruling CPN Maoist Center and UML on the amendment and this is positive about the matter.The RJP-Nepal also wants agreement in principal with the ruling party to amend the constitution as agreement sought by the Federal Socialist Forum.

Oli to go Madhesh (Editorial)

To show that UML is not a party standing against Madhesh, even once Prime Minister and UML Chairperson must visit eight districts of Madhesh and Madhesi people should remove the negative feeling of UML. It is in favor of UML’s interests than Madhesh.

Abbasi’s unexpected Visit (Editorial)

The problem with the Indian media is that they also see Nepal with colonial mindset as that of Indian establishment. They hardly think that Nepal is an independent nation that never came under the rule of any colonial powers.

EPG meetings and Nepal-India relations (Editorial)

Nepal and India are long-time close friends. They not only share their long international border but also share their social and cultural affinity from time immemorial. Despite being the closest neighbours, the Nepal-Indian treaties and pacts have given a hint that India has always enjoyed upper hand over its small neighbour through these unequal treaties.

Happy Holi ! (Editorial)

Holi is celebrated as the significance of a victory over evil by good. It also signifies the end of the winter and arrival of spring.

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