Indian rail connects Biratnagar

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Biratnagar, 5 ONovember : The much-awaited Bathnaha - Katahari railway service was expected to kick off on the day. Though a train engine was to reach the town on a test drive, locals were overjoyed when they reached the Budhanagar railway station some of them were carrying flowers and garlands in hand.

No sooner the engine came into their sight, people cheered and welcomed it. From Bathnaha to Budhanagar, it is eight kilometers. The distance was supposed to be covered in a few minutes. However, as it was ‘the first testing of the engine’ it took longer, according to the concerned officials. After taking several breaks on the way, the engine reached Budhanagar in an hour.

People were also busy taking photo of the engine which, by the time, it entered Bathanaha, Biratnagar, ‘was looking like a bride’. People called it bride as it was decorated with garlands. It carried banners that highlighted the Nepal India friendship.

The cross-border railway line stretches 18.1 kilometers from Bathana of India to Katahari of Nepal. Of the total stretch 13.1 kilometers falls in Nepal.

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