Congress should initiate constitution amendment in parliament : Bajrang Nepali

Mahasamiti member, Nepali Congress


    24 December, 2018   

Why dispute was seen in the meeting of Nepali Congress's mahasamiti ?

There were discussions on many issues like political, economic proposals and policy issues. So it cannot be say there was dispute. Yes, some disagreement was seen on statute draft. Nepali Congress is oldest party in the country. The party has its organization from Mechi to Mahakali, mountain, hill and Madhesh so by understanding the idea of everyone, while moving ahead, some things are missing. 

What was the reason mahasamiti meeting was extended?

According to the constitution of Nepal, the country has gone into federalism. In this case, the party's statute should also be made accordingly. There was also issue raised about the Hindu state and secularism, it also showed two lines. Some said that while the secular absolutely mentioned in the constitution, it is not time to follow Hindu religion. While some argued that the party should rise up the topic of Hindu religion because the belief that most of people are here belonging to Hindu religion even the nation is considered the majority of the population as Hindu religion. In mahasamiti meeting we also discussed how the party to go for the constitution amendment, how to play effective role in parliament as opposition and how to proceed about language. Due to such reasons, the meeting was extended. The central committee is a place to decide the policy of the party has become likely inactive. Now the central committee's pattern is necessary to make inclusive and activate it.

What was the conclusion of mahasamiti meeting?

We have concluded that the democratic republic, secularism, federalism, inclusiveness mentioned in the constitution should be carried out exactly in the constitution.

If we reconsider on secularism there is the danger of federalism. It is time to strengthen federalism. It is our conclusion that the government should not raise issues that can lead to federalism in the state when the government is trying to weaken federalism. Our belief is that the law passes accordingly.

How important was the constitution amendment found in the meeting of the mahasamiti?

The Nepali Congress's political proposal has also been discussed about the amendment of the constitution. Most of mahasamiti members have raised this issue. The suggestion came from member from Tarai, Madhesh, indigenous, nationalities that issue of constitution amendment should not be taken too far. The amendment will be required for two-thirds and the present government has majority. Federal Socialist Forum is in the government and RJP-Nepal is supported the government. But there is no discussion on constitution amendment seriously. So Nepali Congress should take initiative in the parliament.

If the government is not listening to our demands for constitution amendment, we would warn the government through the street movement, even by taking the people into confidence.

Why Congress delayed to take the agenda of the constitution amendment?

During the declaration of constitution, there was a difference of its own kindness. However, the first constitution amendment has been done by the government under the leadership of the Congress. But Madhesh was not happy on the first amendment of the constitution. Then Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba again tries to amend the constitution with the help of RJP and Forum. Deuba government also registered amendment bill in the parliament but it was failed due to opposition of then UML. Therefore, it is only allegation that the Congress ignored the issue of constitution amendment. Who has stopped the two-thirds of the government for the constitution amendment? We have always been positive for the constitution amendment. Upendra Yadav is saying that his party participated in the government for the constitution amendment but his role becomes zero. Other side, RJP also warned to withdraw the support from the government after Chattha festival but not it becomes mum. Therefore, there have doubts on Forum and RJP that they have not wanted to amend the constitution.

In the upcoming meeting of parliament that will start now, will the Congress raise the issue of constitution amendment with priority?

Nepali Congress is a party of people. Therefore, the Congress should be concerned about the issue of such people's concern. On this day, the Congress proceeds with the subject of such public concern.

What can be expected from mahasamiti meeting?

This mahasmiti has been given a mandate to the party. Now the party's work plan is to stop the wrong deeds of the government which is moving toward by violating the constitution. The party would pile pressure on the government to correct its acts as it is attacking on the constitution. For the subject of corruption, security issues, weaknesses in security, language, capital of the state, the Congress to go to the public. Although there is some misconception among the leadership in the Congress but the party goes ahead in the coming days.

Should faction and sub-faction of Congress end?

The factionalism and sub-factionalism is unfortunate for Nepali politics. Not only in Nepali Congress, in Communist, Madheshi, there is also factionalism. The personality trend is dominated by all parties. It should be removed.

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