Forum and RJP neither faction nor power : R.D Ajad

Chief, Organization Department, Tarai Madhes National Campaign


Chief, Organization Department, Tarai Madhes National Campaign

    31 December,2018   

Chief, Organization Department, Tarai Madhes National Campaign

Today TMNC is busy in which campaign?

Madhesi people gave much sacrifice for their right in Madhes movement. Madhes's issues were established from BS 2047 to which there were various conflicts. Madhesi has acquired martyrdom from underground groups and Madesh movement. Although the number of thousands was injured, the demand sought by Madhes has not yet been received.

As the Federal Socialist Forum got with the new name and the RJP-Nepal was formed together with the various small minorities, they did not justify the demands of Madhes but only power politics. It is seen in Madhes due to zero. In this situation, RJP and Forum cannot proceed with the issue of Madhes. These were just as extremist and Immersionist party. In this situation, the TMNC campaign is moving fast with the aim of developing a new political power in Madesh.

Why have you remained silent till the time after elections?

The Forum and RJP have done dishonest politics in the past. They wanted to see a chance given in the election. There was also a situation where we looked forward to improve the mistakes made in the past and bring Madhes's politics to the right track. But internally we were communicating with the people about our thoughts. Now the proper time has come, accordingly, we have come forward by moving our campaign into an organizational form.

In Madhes, have you tried to build a third power faction?

Do not say it is a third faction. CK Rautji's independent Madesh has another faction in Madhesh and we are not in it. We are talking about the autonomous Madhes, according to international value and perception. Now, Madhesh has only two factions that are CK Rautj's and our. If you consider the Forum and the RJP as a power, it will be a big mistake. They are not either faction or power. They are established in the politics of Madhes and they are also like Nepal Congress and Communist for power. They have no concern with Madhes and Madhesi people.

However, the RJP and Forum have the mandate from Madhes and now come in this place?

Madhes politics is not so matured now. There was no alternative in the local and state elections of Madheshi people. There were various movements in the call of these parties and people scarified their life. Madhes people only have voted for these parties once. The Madhesi people will also be alert in the coming days and these parties will have to be removed from the land of Madhes.

You are asking for a Madhesh Pradesh state but these Madheshi parties now for two states. Will this issue alive again?

All the Madhesi parties have signed a memorandum to distribute Madhes in six pieces. The belief established at that time was divided into six pieces of Madhes and brought it to the present situation. The two states or 6 states are not real demands. Their actual demand is taking Madhesi's issue in the election and using Madhesi massacre in the name of movement, people of Madhesh are used as a bank. The Forum and RJP is politicizing Madhesh for same.

According to the Constitution, Nepal has been divided in 7 states; will you again see the possibility of Madhes pradesh?

All the prospects in politics remain alive. Madhes's people are dependent on the organized power of the people. The state has raised the benefits of Madheshi's weaknesses. The representative of the government, Madhes has become divided and split. The Constitution has just covered with the federalism. In fact, this is not the constitution. In this, the state's economic, political and other various rights have been centered on all organizations. In this, the state's economic, political and other various rights have been centered on all organizations. The state and its chief minister is just a show piece and they are keeping away from right.

Federalism is to divide rights of centralized Kathmandu, but in this sense it will not be federalism implemented in Nepal. 

If there is another demand for Tharu and other different demands are being raised, would Madhesi people accept the status Madhes situation?

When issue of one Madhes one province was raised, the state spread rumors saying Tharus are against it. According to the 2068 census, the population of Tharus in Madhes is about 24-25 million but what do they get now?  Even they got protected area or Tharuhat state? I believe that the Tharus are also in favor of one state, not in the confusion that is spread by the state.

Federal Socialist Forum Nepal has formed a talk committee for unification with RJP, what could be the reason for moving ahead for negotiations?

The talks have already been held before the election. Due to two reasons, integration between these parties is not possible. First, Upendra Yadav is operated from anywhere while RJP is also operated by some force. They have different ideologies. Upendra Yadav has a political ego, political ritual-less and hunger for power. Looking at these things, it is not apparent that Upendra Yadav cannot go for integration easily. Although unification happens, it does get continuity.

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