How much spend in Bihaha Panchami ?

Local News

    6 January, 2019   

Janakpur, 6 January : Province 2 spent has Rs7.3 million during the Bibaha Panchami, a special Hindu religious event observed on December 12.

The Provincial Council of Ministers approved the expenses made during the event, Province 2 official Padam Pokharel said. According to him, a total of Rs7,308,145 was spent on the reception, hospitality of the guests, venue set up, among others.

Chief Minister of the Indian State of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath was among the guests at the event in Janakpur. The government hosted a luncheon reception in honour of visiting Indian CM.

Janakpur, the provincial capital of Province 2, hosts a special event every year on the occasion of Bibaha Panchami by re-enacting the marriage ceremony of Lord Ram and Goddess Sita as mentioned in Hindu epic Ramayan. Every five years, a large number of Hindu saints from the Indian city of Ayodhya, the birthplace of Ram, attend the weeklong event. This year Adityanath had arrived in Janakpur, leading a wedding procession from Indian town of Ayodhya.

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