Forum must leave government if it wants unification with RJP : Manish Suman

General Secretary, RJP-Nepal


    7 January, 2019   

 Resham Chaudhary, who won the FPTP election from your party has taken oath and secrecy, what do you say about it?

 I have felt that the government has done important work with its conscience in its term. We have welcomed this step. According to the democratic norms and values, Resham Chaudhary elected with extreme majority in the federal parliament elections. He was popular people's representatives. The government was not convinced that it was a people's perception. He was administered oath and secrecy. According to this, we have believed that the Nepal government will withdraw all the issues related to the incident at the time of Tharuhat and Madhes movement. Resham Chaudhary has crossed the first step of justice.

 Have you think the Prime Minister wants to divert the party after by administering oath and secrecy of Chaudhary?

 We are also careful about any strategic step of Prime Minister. Now it was proved that the government tilts little when we pushed pressure on it. As per Prime Minister's strategy, we are willing to make our strategy.

 Just after the oath of Resham Chaudhary, a kind of happiness was seen across the Madhesh but he was imprisoned again. What do you say about it?

 There are some legal complications. Due to which he has been sent to jail again. The government must withdraw the case against Chaudhary of Thaurtat movement either taking judicial process or political decision. It is our demand that all the workers should be released as a common Nepali.

 If any Member of Parliament is charged, then there is a provision in constitution is to suspend. Should Chaudhary also to be suspended?

According to the parliamentary process, he is already suspended. The way out of that suspension state is the final decision of this issue from court or the withdrawal of case.

 A high-level investigation commission was formed to probe the incident in Madhes and Tharuhat movement. Why do not you raise the issue in Parliament to public the report?

 We are raising the issue. But now we are raising 3-4 issues specially. The constitution amendment, treatment to the injured of Madhesh movement and declared as the martyrdom, withdrawal of false cases filed against our leaders and cadres, to make the constitution Madhes, Janjati, Tharu-friendly and others. Our main demand is to amend to make the constitutional friendly constitution.

 How long have time given to the government to withdraw case against Resham Chaudhary and other workers?

 We hope that the government meets our demands. But the process to amend the constitution has yet started yet. We do not know whether the government has initiated to withdraw the case filed against our party's leaders. The government also not provided treatment expenses of those injured in Madhesh movement and also not begins initiative to declare martyr.  People have not felt two-thirds majority of the government in the country. In order to fulfill our demands in the present day it's okay otherwise we will break the relations with government.

 A difference also come at surface after the selection of new coordinator in RJPN, what are they?

Some dissatisfactions and differences were seen some days after change of coordinator. Now they are settled. There is no dispute in the party now. The party has run in a very organized way. We are also holding regular meetings in districts. The party is at edge of formation of disciplined organization. We have also fixed the date of general convention. Before the general convention, the party's workers in all districts are active now. As the party achieved satisfactory result in the elections last year under the leadership of then coordinator Mahantha Thakur, we believe that we will successful in the convention under the leadership of Rajendra Mahato.

 Forum has formed talks team for unification with RJP. What is your view?

If we see long-term perspective, the Madhesi people had already mandated to Madhesi party for unification in the elections of BS 2064, 2070 and 2074. Madhesi people time and again asked us to unite the parties as we launched the movements together. As per people such mandate the six Madhesi parties united. We also wanted unification with Forum. Now Forum has formed a talk team and this is positive step. But the unification cannot possible as Forum is in government and we are outside. So if Forum really wants unification with us, it must quit the government immediately.

 If Forum comes out from government, then unification occurs?

 If we walk on the same path, the goal remains close. A single force in Madhesh is essential by uniting the parties. The provision of thresh hold of Election Commission, desire of Madhesi people, the people's mandate en election all these are bases for unification of Madheshi forces.

 You are saying if the Forum comes out from the government then unification is possible, but your party is also a part of the government?

 The Forum must leave the government if it wants the unification with RJP. The government means party with ministers. The RJP supported the government but not a part of government. The party is still sitting in opposition bench in the parliament. We are playing role of opposition when the government presents bills in the parliament. The parliamentary role depends on the merit and demerit of the government. So it cannot be asked as a part of government.



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