The state does not performing parenting role : Annanta Rai

Leader, Nepal Federal Socialist Party


    24 June 2019   

What was the announcement for the movement?

The movement is not our desire but it is compulsion. The state that has been deducting the rights given by the constitution and we cannot keep mum. It is not the movement of the party but the movement of people.

What are agendas of movement?

Now the attitude has been seen in the country, its closure and defense of the minority rights of the people. The government has brought various policies against the people. These are the main agenda for now. The advertisement of Public Service Commission, the Guthi Bill, the army brought under the prime minister office, media council bill and other controversy policies are brought by the government. This is the agenda of movement. We have to protest them.

Instead of bringing the constitution complete from one side to the implementation, it is deducting, so the power is being made alert for the rights of the people. If the government is under its control, we are ready to go to the movement until the constitution is removed. 

What are the programs after Saturday's?

Aggressive programs will arise with extreme constitutional amendments. Every movement of today has been postponed in the constitutional amendment. The government itself has identified the commitments of the constitution amendment. It should be corrected quickly and address the rights of the public. Otherwise the movement will not have any alternative for the rights of the people.

Does the government heed the voice of your movement?

The movement of the people is the power that had over thrown the Rana regisme and the monarchy. If there is also dictatorship in federalism and republic, so the people will cut off from it even.

All government-owned bills have been disputed, how does it indicate the future?

Today the government is going towards the direction of clear regression. The leaders of today's government were not even transformers. As long as the government has been in favor of bringing the country to the direction of regression and the government must be aware. The public do not have to go to protest for their rights.

The pressure of the Congress is a pressure of party but our pressure is pressure of people. It would be unfortunate if the government thinks it normal. Since the time being the Congress is recognized as the party of government and the view of the people is limited. Now it is the power of the people who can take the country to the direction of complete change.

High level people (ministers, prime ministers, top leaders) are not talking about the disputed advertisement of the public service commission. How do you assume it?

This Constitution has been forced. They did not want the constitution so top party leaders have ignored it. Those who wanted the constitution, whose rights should be written in the Constitution, those powers are now on the road. Not all the rights of the oppressed classes have been ensured in this constitution. They said that this constitution is incomplete. It has been repeatedly agreement to make the constitution complete. However, it is not seen in the behavior of the state. Instead of implementing the constitution, there are various tasks under which they are undermining the constitution. Public Service Commission announced notice by violating the constitution. Even Prime Minister told province is unit of federal government. After this, let's tell us that the provincial governments are like the development region made by King Mahendra. If the right is the state, then the states should be guaranteed.

What are your issues of constitution amendment?

Based on the ethnic population, we are demanding full proportional system. Our demand is to enroll the provinces, based on ethnic historical background. We have raised the secularism. All religions are equal; our demand is to be treated equally. The languages are national language and we have raised the voice of language equality. Similarly, from the fundamental rights of the people, the people should have the autonomy right.

What happens if these things are not written in the Constitution?

If these things of the rights are not written in the Constitution, it should not have a sustainable peace in the country. When man's history and existence are attacked, he does not bring peace in the country. The state should understand this on time. The state should go towards the direction of addressing all the people, ensuring equality. The state is a parent. However, the state is not able to fulfill its eligibility.




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