RJP-Nepal uhnappy with Province 2 ministers


    27 June 2019   

Janakpurdham, 27 June : RJP-Nepal has expressed dissatisfaction over the performance of its leaders included in the cabinet of Province 2 government. The party has begun a discussion on reshuffling the cabinet and sending a new team. RJP-Nepal is one of the two parties in the ruling coalition of Province 2.

The party has six members in the cabinet including three ministers and three ministers of state. Many leaders of the party have accused them of failing to perform well and prioritising their own constituencies and their cadres in the budget distribution.

A member of the RJPN presidium, a group of six top leaders of the party, says, “Cadres have complained us about their incompetence. We also hold the same opinion.”

In the first week of June, five RJPN lawmakers have filed an amendment proposal on the provincial government’s policy and programme notwithstanding their party’s involvement in the government. During that time, the presidium members had forced them to withdraw the proposal, assuring a cabinet reshuffle, according to lawmaker.

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