Government is unpopular: NCP leader Nepal


    02 July 2019   

Kathmandu, 02 July : Senior leader of Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Madhav Kumar Nepal has expressed serious concerns over the government’s unpopular performance. Nepal is of the view that announcements of plans without sufficient infrastructures and preparations, haphazard political appointments and other issues resulted in the increasing unpopularity, according to him.

Addressing 19th General Assembly of Former Lawmakers’ Forum, NCP senior leader Nepal said that the people are dissatisfied with the government due to its plan devoid of emphasis on infrastructural development, the appointment of government employees based on favoritism, etc.

He opined that the problem has arisen because the government tried to imitate the development model of foreign countries without basic infrastructural development.

Nepal asserted that a theory cannot be a correct theory if it is not substantiated practically.

“It is through practice that the veracity of any theory is tested. If practice does not debunk a theory, it becomes a philosophy of life.

In another context, Nepal said the leadership should be capable of accepting criticisms and comments positively.

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