Visit Nepal could incomplete without Visit Madhesh: Om Prakash Sarraf

National Conveyor, Visit Madhesh Nepal


    02 July 2019   

What is Visit Madhesh?

Visit Madesh organization is operated with the main two objectives. First: Identification of Madhes is to promote global level and second, to distribute tourist destinations in Madhes Pradesh.

The identity of Terai Madhes is being established globally. So, what are you doing more for this?

In the instantaneous condition, identity of Tarai Madhes is called 'Madesh', which is not enough. What is inside Madhes, what is the nature, living style and daily routine? What kind of astrological, archaeological heritage in Madhes, how and the state is investing in it? It is preparing to give you the identity of the whole world through the Internet.

What is going on digitally when Madhes calls to be recognized digitally?

We made a website We have called this 'Mirror of Madhesh'. It has been operating with the objective of each party of Madhes. Some data have been also installed. Festivals of Madhesh, foods, cultural crops are some attractions.

Which districts are included in Visit Madhesh?

Politically and constitutionally, eight districts are Madhes but we have included only 22 districts. 3 districts of Tarai Madhes of Province 1 Sunsari, Jhapa and Morang, all 8 districts of Province 2, 3 districts of Traia Madhes Province 3, six districts of Province 5 and Kailali and Kanchanpur of Province 7 are included.

What are the things done today?

The main reason behind Madesh's back is not there is no research on any of the subjects here. It cannot be studied whole Madhesh by living in Kathmandu or Birgunj. Therefore, written documents have prepared by searching of data by groups at local level. A digital platform has been made. As well as training programs are being conducted to make Madhes a tourist environment. A two-page memorandum was submitted to CEO of Tourism Board. We told him Visit Nepal is not complete without Visit Madhesh. Therefore, whatever tourism programs are there, all these should be in Terai Madhes. Our main objective is our tourism areas, which we are not able to develop and promote its growth in local level.

It means Visit Nepal has not included Madhesh?

Till now, the proposal for Visited Nepal Project, operated by 1998 has not been done by the Terai Madhes. So, working by our organization from the civic level, government and stakeholders are looking at the movement to force it.

Why is the government silent for Madhes, which is a huge possibility for the project? So, before the local level, we are working to attract attention to tourism.

What is the reason why Visit Nepal cannot accommodate the Madhes region?

The effect of the dishonesty of the state has been in every area in Madhes. And, as well as policy makers, there is no reason for the lack of programs for the policy makers of Madhes, neither from the community and geography nor in any party and Parliament. Therefore, our organization has been looking forward to tourism towards the sleeping government. It is impossible for the government to do the protection and promotion of it, because the government should do it, because it is impossible to have policy, programs, content, policies, budget adequacy at local level. For this, our organization has agreed to cooperate with the government and the services of tomorrow. Since the development of tourism sector is not only possible in the local and national level, it has been forwarded to the code of global parallel to the parameters of Pramodaraj Saraf. It is expanding in 12 countries now and our organization has been in the development of other countries.

Till today, it does not seem to have a consciousness. Now the main priority of development is tourists, but there is no attention to the political leaders of Madhes. The belief of our organization is that we can do things that we can do to fight for the ongoing movement of other diverse rights. The center is not connected to budget development and to make policy, budget, and this program can easily be further developed.

What is the perception of the local government and state government about areas of tourist possibilities?

Although there is positive perception and assurance, any local level of Madhes, there is no financial support from the Ministry of Tourism, Tourism Board and Tourism Ministry. The team of the team has individually collected from their place.

What are the things you have taken as the main attraction of Terai? 

Chhinamasta of Saptari, Salhesh garden of Sirha, Janakpur Dham, Jaleshwornath of Mahottari, Nareman lake of Sarlahi, Murtiya, model settlement of Dhurmus-Suntali in Rauthat, Badwa Lake, Shivnagar Dham, Shivnagar, Gadhaimai, Simraungadh, Shankarcharya gate, Parsa National Park, Suklaphat National Park of Kanchanpur, Bardiya National Park, CJ Temple of Nawalpur and among others are our major attraction.


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