Unity between RJP-Nepal and Socialist Party demand of Madhesh : Rajeev Jha

General Secretary, RJP-Nepal


    08 July 2019   

Why the merger process of RJP-Nepal and Socialist Party has been limited only in talk and debate?

Both of these parties are fighting for right of exploited discouraged victims. In particular, both parties were fighting to amend the constitution and to give right to all the people. Therefore, these two should be united and it is also the necessity and compulsion of today. There is an alternative power in the country, unless the power of alternative power is ensured, the rights of exploitative victims of Madhesi and Pahad are not ensured.

The Government has also deducted the rights given in the Interim Constitution 2063, so to ensure the rights of the people and to correct this controversial constitution, an alternate power should be made with the unity between RJP-Nepal and Socialist Party in the country.

The party unity has already been raised but why not it concludes?

The unity is a demand for the Madhesi people, there is a need for the country. The party could not be united by not having any principles. But, now, the party should make some flexible and respect the demands of the people. Unification on homework between the two parties is going on, and it is soon unification.

Socialist Party is in government while RJP-Nepal is in opposition, it seems like this would be an obstacle for merger?

The aim of Socialist Party is to fight against the government for the constitution amendment even staying in the government. But even the efforts made till today, Socialist Party should also understand that the constitution cannot be amended by living in the government. If the government does not amend the constitution soon, the Socialist Party has already given warning to the government. I am confident they will quit the government and two parties will be united. With the unification of two parties, a alternative force definitely rise in the country.

If the Socialist Party really has been warned strongly, then the government should have some reaction, but no response has come yet, why?

They have worked honestly for constitution amendment. Now the time of warning has started, if the government does not amend the constitution, we will be united and restore the movement again.

Could Socialist Party quit the government?

Of course, the Socialist Party certainly quits from government and we will be united. Then we go to the street struggles jointly. All the amendments in the constitution are ready for us.

What is the main basis for Socialist Party as it quits the government? 

Their expression and actions show that they are not happy with the government. Their motivation is to have a clear for the movement with RJP-Nepal.

Is the unity occurred only after the Socialist Party quits the government? 

They have gone to the government to amend the constitution. Today, there is no amendment. They are ready to quit the government as there is no possibility for amendment in the constitution. They have well understood that this government does not hold many days. This government has failed completely. The people have dissatisfied with the government.

The ruling party Nepal Communist Party and the main opposition party Nepali Congress are trying to force two-party system bringing the provision of five percent threshold. Therefore, unification with Socialistv Party is a requisite. Our party has officially decided to merge.

After that, the current government does not complete its 5 year term?

Prime Minister KP Oli to discard his arrogance of two-third majority he commands in the parliament. The arrogance of previous governments led to breaking of 10-year long Maoist insurgency. If PM Oli keeps showing his arrogance, more problems will be created. There will be no peace, good governance and stability.

Even in NCP, there are too many disappointments. There are remarks coming from inside NCP against the government.

Your party also unsatisfied with the performance of Province 2 government, what do you say?

According to the sentiment Madhesi people, the government is not able to work in Province 2. Ministers have not been able to work for the people of the state. I personally do not have satisfaction with the government's work.

You are also the coordinator of Nepal-India Open Border Dialogue Group, what is this group working on?

Nepal-India Open Border Dialogue Group is working to strengthen the relations of two countries and also to resolve the problems seen at the people of border. We have already organized a program in Birgunj, Rauthat, Janakpur, Jaleshwor, Saptari and other districts.

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