Nepal's national interests not against any other countries: Minister Gyawali


    10 July 2019   

Kathmandu, 10 July : Foreign Minister Pradeep Gyawali has said Nepal has stood in favor of further strengthening multilateralism and rule-based world order, although major powers seem to deviate from this principle.

Speaking at the launch of a book—Nepal’s Diplomatic Practice: Memoirs of Ambassadors -- published by Institute of Foreign Affairs and edited by journalist and Central Committee member Bishnu Rijal, Minister Gyawali said small powers like Nepal were put in a difficult situation when major powers violate the principles of multilateralism and rule-based world order.

“These days, major powers are moving ahead with deal-based order instead of rule-based world order. This has often put small countries in difficult situation,” he said, while arguing that although major powers can afford to ignore rule-based order, countries like Nepal can bear the brunt of such moves.

Gyawali said that speaking for the interest of the country should be construed as speaking against any countries. “We keep our national interests at the center. This should not be understood as speaking against any other countries.

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