Several villages inundated in Madhes, East-West Highway blocked

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    12 July 2019   

Rauthat, 12 July : The Department of Hydrology and Meteorology of the Meteorological Forecasting Division has predicted widespread rain at many places throughout the country, heavy rainfall at some places and extremely heavy rainfall at few places in eastern and mid regions.

This rendering image shows the temperature and the rainfalls predeicted by the Meteorological Forecasting Division. Courtesy: MFD

The weather forecast bulletin issued by the department has predicted heavy rainfall in many places of eastern and mid-region, and extremely heavy rainfall in eastern Tarai and Mid-hilly regions today.

As Monsoon trough line locates in Tarai region of Nepal the monsoon would remain very active for two or three days bringing more rains in the mid-region and eastern region which are now in low pressure area, a meteorological analysis conducted by the MFD stated in the bulletin.

With the monsoon in full swing throughout the country, high flood condition may develop in the rivers along the foothills and Tarai region.

Floods caused by incessant rainfall have inundated several villages in Madhes. The swollen Bagmati and Lal Bakaiya rivers in Rauthat have kept Banjaraha, Auraiya, Belbichwa, Badharwa and Gadho villages under water for the past three days. Continuous rainfall in the district has hit the life hard. Floodwater at Bagmati and Lal Bakaiya embankments has submerged dozens of houses in the districts.

Meanwhile, floodwater at Chandi, Lamha and Jhajha rivers has inundated huge swathes of farmland in the district. Vehicular movement has been badly affected along the East-West Highway following the flood in Rautahat.

Police stations in Banjaraha, Auraiya, Belbichwa, Badhwra have also been flooded. Several government teams have been mobilized in villages to take the stock of the situation following the flood. Over a dozen villages of Rautahat are in high risk of flooding, officials said.

District Police Chief Bhupendra Khatri told Republica Online that the police teams have been mobilized in the flood-hit villages. 

Chief District Officer of Rautahat Kiran Thapa informed that security agencies are in high alert following the flood.

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