2 days ago

Many communities are inhabitant in Siraha district also, which lies in Mithilanchal region. Everyone’s tradition seems to be related with folk god. Amongst the folklores of this district, the ...

1 week ago

It is not unlikely, therefore, that if Mr. Modi is re-elected to power on May 23rd, one of the first congratulatory calls he will receive will be from Mr. Khan.

2 weeks ago

Nepal’s foreign policy in the time of the K.P Oli premiership is taking an unusual turn. It is blissfully failing after 3 pivotal foreign policy events i.e. Nepal’s alleged entrance to Indo-Pacific strategy after Nepal-US bilateral meeting, Nepali PM’s attendance at World Economic Forum(WEF) without ...

4 weeks ago

Nepal’s security, or lack thereof, is going to affect the security of India and China because of Nepal’s geo-proximity with both the countries.

1 month ago

It is now over a week since India struck Balakot in Pakistan in a pre-emptive strike to take out terrorists planning further attacks on India. Various competing claims have been put forward about ...

1 month ago

Though faced with a large amount of facts and statistics, the relevant country has played up the so called issue of non-transparency of China’s investment and increasing the debt burden from the BRI and made irresponsible remarks out of its political needs. It attempts to interfere the friendly cooperation between China and Nepal which is very ridiculous.

1 month ago

To expect that these characters will double down on security forces operations, which are likely to gather steam after the Pulwama attack, is quite a stretch.

2 months ago

On 26 May 2018, on the occasion of completion of one hundred days of the Government under my leadership, I reiterated that while taking oath of office of the Prime Minsiter on 15 February 2018 I was thinking about ...

2 months ago

Since we are meeting in this format for the first time in 2019, I wish you all a very happy, productive and prosperous new year.

2 months ago

Relations cannot be improved if the two countries keep the Kashmir issue alive. India should recognise Kashmir is the core issue. As such, it will be good if Khan puts special emphasis on improving ties with India by focusing on it, given that much blood has been shed over the past 30 years.

6 months ago

We have to acknowledge that relationship between neighbours is of unique nature and that mutual trust, understanding and respect for each other’s sensitivities and concerns contribute to strengthen the foundation of such relationship.